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50 Cent Interrupts Amy Lee


Long before Kanye became hip-hop’s most outspoken sore loser, 50 Cent took a shot at snagging the title. When 50 lost the Best New Artist award to alternative group Evanescence at the 2004 Grammys, the Queens, N.Y. emcee made sure to get some face time. Just as lead singer Amy Lee started her list of thank-yous, 50 walked past the stage and in front of the camera. Smooth move, 50.

Watch the Grammy Moment

i. hate. 50 cent shit

(via evanescenceobsession)

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    i. hate. 50 cent shit
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    This is the exact reason why I used to hate 50 Cent with a passion. Fucking arrogance, trying to intimidate her like...
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    I HATE 50 Cent, and when he did this I hated him even more. Amy handled this well, though. Go Amy!
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